Planting Peach Trees

Peach Tree

Planting Peach Trees

Summary by Bill Shane - Michigan State University Extension

1) Trim off any excessively long root tips or tips that are half-broken off. Remove tags and wires.

2) Spend the time to dig a hole wide and deep enough to allow the roots to be spread out completely. Do not wind the roots to fit in the hole.

3) Refill the hole, tamping the soil gently as you go to help avoid air holes. Keep sod out of the hole.

4) Firmly pack the soil around the roots but do not strip roots off by excessive stamping. Watering after planting helps to settle the soil around the roots. The soil around the base of the tree should be slightly higher than the surrounding area so that excess water does not collect there following rains.

5) Trees can be fertilized after rain has thoroughly settled the soil around the roots, about 3 weeks after planting. Apply up to 1/2 pound of 10-10-10 or other general fertilizer by spreading it lightly in a wide diffuse band 16 to 20 inches from the tree trunk. Soils high in natural fertility may not need fertilizer in the first year.