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Fresh Market Peach Industry in Michigan

Melting flesh types can be clingstone or freestone, usually depending on expected harvest date for a particular variety.  In general, melting type peaches that mature before Red Haven tend to be clingstone, whereas melting type varieties that mature after Red Haven tend to be freestone.  Some commercial melting flesh types have red flesh color near the pit and scattered throughout the flesh.

Home canners may prefer either melting or non-melting flesh.  Most commercial non-melting clingstone varieties are good to excellent for canning and freezing.   On the other hand, most commercial melting-types have good to excellent resistance to flesh browning.  Peaches that have red in the flesh, especially near the pit, may discolor over time as the red pigment develops a brown hue.  Any of the major Michigan varieties are recommended for canning and freezing. 

Descriptions of melting flesh peach varieties

Typical Michigan harvest dates for yellow melting flesh peaches