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Questions and answers to your questions
From: Bill Shane, Peach Specialist for Michigan State University
& advisor to the Michigan Peach Sponsors

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Is it necessary to have more than one tree in order for pollination to occur?

Arrested peach fruit development

I got some peaches that looked beautiful until I opened it. The seed was totally rotted and molding. What would cause this? Thanks.

We have a Reliance peach tree and were wondering about planting a pit to start another one just like it. I read your literature on your web site and wonder;  when you talk about the peach tree might not be what we expect, are you talking about size of peaches, color, consistency, or what?

I'm trying to find information on doughnut peaches

Can you plant peaches in every state? If not, what are the states you can plant them in?

I am an avid pie baker and would like to know which peach would be the best to use in a pie. I would like the peach to be able to hold it’s shape and not get mushy. When I make apple pies I like to use at least 2 different varieties of apples to add more flavor & texture. Would I want to do the same with peaches? Thank you for your help. V.

I've heard that semi trucks bring Michigan Peaches to Wisconsin (supposedly once a year in Stevens Point) and hopefully other locations. Are you aware of any means of us getting 8 or so bushels without driving 12 hours? Thanks. D. Racine, Wisconsin.

I want to know how to buy good peaches. The peaches I buy are always very hard. I keep them at room temperature and wait for them to ripen. Instead of ripening, they turn woody, tasteless, and brown around the pit, and they don't ever seem to soften in the way I expect. Am I buying poor quality peaches? Am I caring for them wrong? Help! I really love peaches and am usually disappointed in what I get! D.

Where could I find Redhaven peaches around Ypsilanti MI?

Once peaches are ripe, what is the best way to keep them without canning or freezing, but just to keep them from spoiling and having as fresh fruit ? Is it better to refrigerate them or in a cool dry place (hard to accomodate in the summer) ? thanks for any help you can offer- S. S.

How do I grow a peach from a pit?

We will be in the area after 8/23 and would like to purchase peaches for personal use. Please give us some info as to where would be the best place and what the cost is for 1/2 or 1 bushel. We have not done this for some years and are totally out of contact with what the situation is now.

I live in Romeo, Michigan and our growers out here raise the red haven peaches, which I think are the best. I would like to share these peaches with friends back in my home state of Iowa. What is the best way for me to mail the peaches to them? I am willing to send them 2 day air or priority, but I need help with what to look for in the peach where they won't turn soft or mushy by the time they get there and how to pack them for shipping. Any help would be appreciated