We will be in the area after 8/23 and would like to purchase peaches for personal use. Please give us some info as to where would be the best place and what the cost is for 1/2 or 1 bushel. We have not done this for some years and are totally out of contact with what the situation is now.

In fairness to the peach growers and sellers of Michigan, we cannot point to one or two sources as the best for Michigan as most do a fine job.

In general, you tend to get the best selection close to the production areas. The major fresh market peach growing areas are along Lake Michigan in the west in Berrien and Van Buren counties and a fewer number along Lake St. Clair northeast of Detroit. Allegan county has several farm markets accessible from I-196 from South Haven to Holland. You can follow the north/south roads such as Red Arrow Highway (north of New Buffalo), M-140 (north from Niles), old M-31 (northwest from Berrien Springs) up from the Indiana border to find roadside stands. There are also several farm markets at exits along I-94 in Berrien County. Several but not all of these are listed on the Michigan Peach Sponsor web site.

Prices tend to be better in the more rural areas but may not justify the extra drive for you. Prices range from $0.50 (larger volume pick your own in rural areas) to more than $1.50 a pound for small volume in more urban settings). "Pick your own" are less common for peaches because they are not as durable and plentiful as apples.