Can you plant peaches in every state? If not, what are the states you can plant them in?

The limiting factor for peaches is low temperatures. Temperatures lower than about -13 F will kill peach buds mid-winters. Temperatures lower than about -17 F in mid winter will begin to kill trees. Climates that have wildly fluctuating temperatures in the spring time tend to be poor places to grow peaches because the frost kill the open fruit buds. Once the blossoms start to open, temperatures of approximately 28 F will damage the exposed peach buds.

So the long term & average weather patterns for an area are a clue to whether peaches can be grown there successfully. Sometimes if a peach growing area hugs a very large lake the water provides some temperature modification. So, for example, there are very few peach orchards north of New York or in Alaska. There are fewer peach orchards in the top 1/3 of the lower peninsula of Michigan, and very few in the upper peninsula.