I'm trying to find information on doughnut peaches,,,
Is it a true peach, a sport or a hybrid?
Will it bear edible fruit similar to its parent or revert to another
I live in Hawaii and am aware of a required chill factor but still would
like to have some information on this little gem..Many thanks for any
help you can offer..

The doughnut peach, other names, flat peach, saucer, Java, Peen-to.

Origin (as with other peach types) in China. The original peen-to peaches are adapted to the warmer southern peach growing region of China. It is a true peach...a self pollinated peen-to pit will grow to be another Peen-to but not necessarily as good as the mother tree.

Michigan grows the Saturn peen-to, which was developed in New Jersey. Wayne Sherman of the University of Florida has been developing some for their climate. The Chinese have many different Peen-to varieties/strains, usually as a result of crosses and/or selection from seedlings of unknown parentage. Joe Goffreda of Rutgers University has been developing novel peen-to peaches of various types from directed crosses.

Useful article: "The Flat Peach" by Roy C. Rom, in the book: "The Peach, World Cultivars to Marketing" edited by Norman F. Childers and Wayne B. Sherman.

Bill Shane, for the Michigan Peach Sponsors

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