Michigan Peach Sponsors

A non-profit organization for research and promotion of peaches

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  About the Michigan Peach Sponsors

The Michigan Peach Sponsors (MPS) is a non-profit, volunteer organization for the promotion of peaches and nectarines.  MPS represent the Michigan peach industry in legislative issues.  MPS works closely with Michigan State University on issues concerning peaches.
MPS develops research and extension priorities to help focus attention and encourage work on problems facing the Michigan peach and national peach industries.

MPS provides monetary support to projects important to the Michigan peach industry, with special emphasis on the Michigan State University peach breeding and peach evaluation program. MPS has also been a strong supporter of the Michigan Dept of Ag "Select Michigan" program for promoting Michigan agriculture.

MPS co-sponsors a 1 day peach conference in the spring every year.  MPS also co-sponsors peach and nectarine variety showcases in southwest Michigan during th epeach season.

We invite all interested individuals and organizations to become members of the Michigan Peach Sponsors.  Members of the MPS receive a quarterly newsletter, updates, and reduced rates for conferences sponsored by MPS plus the satisfaction of helping to promote the peach industry.  The current members of the MPS includes growers, organizations and other friends from Michigan and elsewhere.

How to become a member of the Michigan Peach Sponsors